Working Together

Its finally here!

Were thrilled to officially announce that we built a new sales representative - We Not Fat.

Now following three individual brands are under one roof :

Drink Beer Save Water, Tee Library and the Art of Scribble.

In foreseeable future, we will even expand our areas to wood crafts and lifestyle goods.

 Our mission remains unchanged.

We want to assure you that each brand will still be the same that you have grown to love.

We will simply have more resources to continue building witty & smart brands that delight our customers.

We will continuously work hard for more meat and beer!

Stay tuned

 Learn more about We Not Fat


Behind story of this cooperation___

[Drink Beer Save Water] Jin Tiger was worried about [Tee Library] Karls health condition who is the heavy meat-eater.

Jin packed chicken salad and fruits for Karl and went over to his office.

They shared chicken salad and fruits in amity and purified themselves.

Thenceforth, they bounced around a lot for fun and shared many useful information.

Karl and Jin decided to focus on the areas they are good at. And to bring the best condition for all, they happily agreed to cooperate.

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